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émigré – /ɛmɪɡreɪ/ n. a person who has left their own country in order to settle in another, typically for political reasons.

Émigré Media in an international news media organization composed of online, social, and citizen journalism with a focus on unapologetically honest investigative and guerrilla journalistic practices that challenge mainstream narratives. It is not just a news website that passively produces articles, but a growing community founded in 2014 by two Americans who left their home country to live abroad. While the community includes contributors who literally emigrated from their country to settle in another, it takes its name from the metaphorical emigration of the mind from the unsanitary editorial practices which plague today’s collective media. Émigré Media is dedicated to delivering transparent, principled content that breaks away from modern corporate news trends. Émigré Media invites its readers to explore the perspective offered and consider participating in the thriving community of contributors.

Emigrate your mind.

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Ricky Molnar

Executive Editor, Lead Developer, Co-Founder
Ricky is an American web developer, IT specialist, teacher, and traveler who has a passion for learning new things. He has extensive professional experience working IT jobs and has been programming since the age of 12. In between teaching English and building websites, he likes to play video games, study languages, and stay up all night reading wikipedia. He currently teaches English in the city of Wuxi in the Jiangsu province of China.
Contact Ricky at: ricky@emig.re
Visit Ricky at: rickymolnar.com

John Bennett

Editor-in-Chief, Photographer, Co-Founder
John is an American photographer, polemicist, airplane driver and itinerant who has traveled many places and done many things. John has an appreciation for language and culture, and a passion for photography and adventure, with backgrounds in professional photography, civil & corporate aviation, and campaign & content ideation. He currently lives in the mountains of the Eastern United States.
Contact John at: john@emig.re
Visit John at: johnben.net

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