Discord server info

Émigré has launched a text and voice chat server on Discord that is open to the public. You can access the server at https://discord.gg/smtM5CJ. You are encouraged to download the Discord application and register a username before accessing the server.


Administrator – This role is reserved for the administrator of the server. He is the leader of the moderation team and has full powers on the server.
Moderator – This role is for the power users who regulate the server as part of our moderation team. They ensure the rules are being followed and should be contacted if you have questions. They have the ability to kick, ban, mute, deafen, move, and rename users. Additionally, they are able to read message history for each channel and remove inappropriate messages. They are also trusted with the ability to post announcements and send messages to all users on the server. Any questions about server rules or the organization itself should be directed to the moderation team.
Leader – Leaders are members who have provided a significant contribution to the organization and are typically senior users or leaders of a group of Contributors. They are trusted with organization and server information not open to the public. They are given privileges not granted to other Contributors such as the ability to use external emojis, add new reactions to messages, read message history in general chat, and use voice activity without push-to-talk.
Contributor – This role is for members who contribute to the organization. Contributors include our staff, donors, or users who have provided some service to the organization. They have access to channels that are hidden from regular users and are afforded additional privileges, such as sending text-to-speech messages.
@everyone – This role is the default role applied upon joining the server. These users are allowed all of the default privileges and may access the public channels.
Muffled – These users have violated some rule or annoyed the Moderators and may only send messages in the #freespeechzone. However, they may still read text in any of the channels they would be able to otherwise. This role may be temporary applied then lifted within Moderator discretion.


  1. Use common sense. This is the only rule necessary, but we have included other rules for clarification. If you are unsure if something is appropriate or not, please refer to this rule.
  2. Do not spam, except in the #freespeechzone. Spamming includes posting the same thing many times, rapid messaging, excessive nonsense etc.
  3. Content that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive should be relegated to the #freespeechzone. Use rule 1 or contact a Moderator for more information.
  4. No illegal content that can get Émigré or its users in trouble should be posted or linked to at all. This includes in the #freespeechzone! Discussion of illegal activity may be allowed. If in doubt, contact a Moderator.

The Administrator and Moderators have the last say on whether or not a user is breaking the rules. Even if you think you are following all of them and the Moderator still wants to ban you from the server, the Moderator will be right. Do not get on the bad side of the moderation team. Remember, participation in the server is not a right. It is a privilege. We hope you enjoy your time on the server and that there are no problems.

Text Channels


#welcome – This channel welcomes new users to the server with information about the server and how to get started with Discord. This is the first channel that new users will visit. They are urged to fully read this section before participating in discussion. It includes server rules, tips, and a link to this page.
#announcements – This is the announcements section. It is read-only, except by Moderators. This is where to read updates about the server and also Émigré in general.
#general – This channel is open to the public for general discussion. Please try to keep things civilized, else you may be banished to the #freespeechzone. In this channel, only Leaders and Moderators can view the chat history.
#freespeechzone – This is where you can exercise your privilege of free speech. You can do, say, or share anything as long as it follows the server rules. Additionally, only the Moderators can view the chat history. At some point, a Moderator may choose to banish you to here if you are being unruly. It is essentially the garbage bin of the server.


#memberannouncements – This is the same as the #announcements section, except that it is for members only. This channel is used for official announcements for the members of the organization.
#memberchat – This is similar to the #general channel, except it is for members only. This is an appropriate place to talk about Émigré projects and assignments. Also, all members can view the chat history.
#theabyss – This is the same thing as the #freespeechzone, except that it is for Contributors only. All references to the #freespeechzone in the server rules and roles also apply to this channel.


#leaderchat – This chat is only available to Leaders. Discussion about team coordination, assignments, and discipline should take place here. Anything discussed in this channel should be kept private among Leaders and Moderators.


#patrons – This is for contributors to our Patreon.
#patronleaders – This is for contributors to our Patreon who obtain the Patreon Leader role.


#bank – Used for transferring currency through the economy system. Currency is claimed using the -payday command.
#casino – Gamble your money away using the -slot command!
#trivia – This is the trivia channel. You can begin a trivia game using the -trivia [category] command.

Voice Channels

General – This channel is open to the public. Please be civil.
Contributors – This channel is for Contributors to the organization.
Leaders – This channel is for organization Leaders.
Inner Sanctum – This is a private channel for Moderators only.
♫Radio♪ – This channel is just for listening to music via the bot on the server.
AFK – This channel is for users who are inactive. You will automatically be sent here after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Thanks for reading! Emigrate your mind.